I'm all about keeping it real!

If you've come to this page looking for third-person, press ready content about "Kay Pere's work and experience," you'll find this on my Press Kit pages.

Otherwise, I promise to keep things as conversational as possible here. I'll spare you the artifice of writing about myself as if I were someone else--there'll be no abstract "she" or "her", no royal or corporate "we" unless I'm describing work I actually do in collaborating with others. If you encounter such blather on this website, the page was either intended for publicity purposes or I have yet to rewrite it.

That said...

In short:  I am a multi-dimensional performing songwriter, visual artist, writer, educator & activist whose work embodies a message of hope, healing, humor & humanity.

My deepest intention is to make all my creative work and daily life about a single thing--living as vividly, mindfully, and compassionately as possible while using my best abilities to make a difference for good in the world.  It is my dearest hope my work will inspire you to do the same.

If these two short statements have piqued your interest and you still want to learn more about the motivations behind my work, my background, experience, training, and vision, please, visit the background and bio pages for each specific area of endeavor:

I hope you'll me on the Journey!



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